Mr. Gironella was born November 7th, 1972 as a contemporary artist from a family of generations of prominent artists and architects from both sides of the family in Mexico.

Emiliano graduated from Interlochen Arts Academy where he majored in Photography, Sculpture and Wood Cut Engraving.

Mr. Gironella has made numerous exhibitions at Museums, Galleries, Public Places, Cultural Centers, and worked with Foundations, across Mexico and Europe. He has lived most of his life in Mexico, although he also lived in London and Madrid in 1997 where he worked at Armando Morales workshop. He moved back to Mexico City the same year and founded the gallery and art workshop, “El Aire Centro de Arte” with his mother Carmen Parra and Ofelia Pallares followed by the opening of a library called “Esto es Gallo” with the book collections from Alberto Gironella, Carmen Parra and his own in 2010. He did the limited edition boxes for Jose Cuervo’s most prestigious tequila “Reserva de la Familia” and also the label for Dueto wine Sto. Tomás from Ensenada, Baja California. He made the graphic design and art at La Colina restaurant in Japan in 2007 as well as murals in the locally famous cantinas la Covadonga and La Providencia in 2006.

His work is in many prestigious collections around the world including the private collection of Bruno Bischofberger who acquired the piece “El Caballo Blanco” in 2005 from the series “Y sigue siendo el Rey”. He has numerous publications and press, including being featured for his painting “Tribute To Jasper Johns” in the book “1001 Paintings you must see before you die” where all the most important masterpieces in our history in all genres are shown.

Mr. Gironella is currently working on putting together a show in Los Angeles and in Europe and resides between Mexico and Paris.

Mr. Gironella is an artist that experiments with almost every technique: oil, acrylic, watercolor, encaustic, mixed media, bronze, stainless steel, fiberglass, wood carving, acrylic/lucite casting, art objects/furniture, monotypes, light sculptures, graphics such us serigraphy, lithography, etching, engraving, woodcuts, photography, and video., etching, engraving, woodcuts, photography, video.

List of Exhibitions


Academic Exhibit in Photography, Sculpture and Wood Cut Engravings in Interlochen Arts Academy.


Museum Exhibit in photography and indigenous children paintings “Colorín Colorado” in Palacio de Bellas Artes.

Other global destinations including Los Angeles International Airport.


Arte del Taurino award, 3rd place. Selected to participate with his work in the cartels of the high season (Temporada Grande).


Museum Exhibit “De la Lidia y Otros Ojos” at Museo Nacional de la Estampa, Mexico, D.F.

Collective Exhibit “Posthumous Homage to Luis Donaldo Colosio” at Museo de La Antigua Escuela de Minería.


Gallery Exhibit “El Circo de Ojos”, Centro Cultural Casa Lamm homage to André Bretón for his hundredth birth anniversary.

Museum Exhibit “Sol y Sombra”, the realization of commemorative cartels for the 50th anniversary of the Plaza de Toros, Mexico at the Museum de la Secretaría de Hacienda y Crédito Público, Mexico, D.F.


Cultural Exhibit “Ramón” a plastic art version of the aphorisms of Ramón Gómez de la Serna at Centro Cultural de Círculo de Lectores Madrid, España


Multiple Museum, Cultural, and Gallery Exhibits “Y sigue siendo el Rey” started during the international festival Cervantino, Guanajuato, Gto. at the Casa Estudio Diego Rivera followed by the Museo Nacional de Culturas Populares, Coyoacán, Mexico, D.F., then at la Galería de Arte Contemporáneo, Aguascalientes, Mexico. Galeria Arcos Itatti, Mexico, D.F. and closing its tour at the Centro Cultural, Tijuana.


Gallery Exhibit ¡A San Fermín Venimos! at El Aire Centro de Arte Mexico, D.F.

Cultural Exhibit “En Esta Esquina” Antiguo Centro Cultural de Arte Contemporáneo, at the World Boxing Council Congress in México, D.F.

Museum Collective Exhibit “Día de Muertos 2000 Puerta a la Eternidad” at the Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum, Chicago Illinois.


Jose Cuervo Exhibit “Toros, Gallos, Canción y Tequila” at the Hacienda La Rojeña, and the production of the limited edition boxes for the “Reserva de la Familia”, Tequila, Jalisco., Mexico.

Cultural Exhibit “Gráfica” at the Centro Cultural Cándido Mendes, Río de Janeiro, Brasil.

Gallery Exhibit University Tec de Monterrey Edo. De Mexico, “Emiliano Gironella 1996-2001” Una Mirada completa.


Gallery Exhibit “El Desnudo y la Mirada” at the Galeria Arcos Itatti.

Exhibit “Al Toro” at the Casino Español de México.

Gallery Exhibit “En esta esquina” at the Galería Guereta, Madrid, España.

Exhibit “Un Diálogo con el abandono” homage to Juan Rulfo en Pozos, Guanajuato. (published in Saber Ver magazine) inaugurated during the Festival Internacional Cervantino and then went onwards to Centro Cultural Isidro Fabela, México D.F., after at the Galeria 57 Madrid, España, and ended in Tampico, Tamaulipas.


Public Exhibit “Nopal Urbano” at Paseo de la Reforma Ciudad de Mexico.

Permanent Exhibit “Un Marco por la Tierra”.


Museum Exhibit “Bulls, Roosters, and Tequila” at the Hans Merensky Museum of the University of Pretoria in Johannesburgo, South Africa.

Exhibit “Maimónides”, en la casa de Alberto Gironella, in Valle de Bravo, Mexico.

Gallery Exhibit in collaboration with the artist Demián Flores “Al Alimón Cantinero” at Galeria Arcos Itatti, México, D.F.


Gallery Exhibit “Acá en el Rancho Grande” Galería 417 Madrid, España

Exhibit “México 70”, A decade within a generation, at the Casa del Lago del Bosque de Chapultepec. México, D.F.

Exhibit “Retrospectiva” Torre Ejecutiva Pemex.


Exhibit inside the Taurine Fair of Arles, France, at L’Espace Van Gogh, and then at L’Eglise de Precheures, coordinated by Bertrand Rosenthal.

Gallery Exhibit “Retour DÀrles” at the Galería de la Casa de Francia, at Mexico City.


Gallery Exhibit “Expressarte”, in collaboration with the Cadavieco Foundation Orphanage for Children, at El Aire Centro de Arte, México, D.F. and also at Galería Lofft, Polanco Mexico, D.F.


Museum Exhibit “Muerte sin fin” inspired by the poem of José Gorostiza at the Sala Internacional del Palacio de Bellas Artes.

Museum Exhibit “Tauromaquia” at Museo Nacional de la Estampa, Mexico, D.F.


Public Exhibit “Tizapán Ecléctico” with local artists from the town of Tizapan.

Exhibit “A la Revolución”, as tribute to the hundreth anniversary of the Mexican Revolution, at El Aire Centro de Arte, México, D.F.


Academic Exhibit “México al Filo”, at the Universidad Ibero Americana, Sta. Fe México, D.F.

Exhibit “Trópico y Mar”, at the Lighthouse in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.

Charities and Foundations

Fundación Cadavieco A.C. , Mexfam, Fundación Barrilito, A.C., Fundación Chespirito, A.C., Fundación Televisa, Fundación para la Salud de los Niños Indígenas de México, Instituto Nuevo Amanecer, A.B.P.


His work is in many prestigious collections around the world such as:

Private Collection of Bruno Bischofberger

Collection Artención Sandra Azcárraga

Collection Fundación José Cuervo

Collection Museo de la Estampa


México al filo

Gironella Parra, Emiliano. Universidad Iberoamericana Ciudad de México, 25 enero-3 marzo 2011 México, D.F.: Miguel Ángel Porrúa / El Aire Centro de Arte / Tangram 2011 63 p.

Emiliano Gironella Parra

Reforma 17, Tizapán Alvaro Obregón

C.P. 01090 México, D.F.

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